the last day of school

the last day of school is the best because you don’t have any more home work and you don’t have to wake up early in the morning to go to school. my favorite part is when you finish the last subject for the year and the way it feels like a huge weight is lifted off your shoulders. like always my least favorite part is getting out of bed to do school. most people are lucky, i have school over the summer and i now know what my friend feels like over the summer. most kids get a summer vacation but i don’t that is really not fair but i am ahead in school because i did not have to re learn every thing and get back into the schedule. i have a friend whose brother graduated at the age of sixteen because he did school year round and got so far ahead the he skipped two years of school. he graduated with his older brothers and they are two years older then him. so the last day of school is not really that important to me because i don’t get a last day for the year i get one week off every month that’s it

high school vs middle school

Q.what is superior about high school and middle school?

A.i think high school is better at the way classes work. in high school you get to choose the classes you do. in middle school you get breaks and easy er work.

Q. what is the hardest part about middle school and about high school.

A. in middle school the hardest part was math and it was not even tat hard. in high school the hardest part is staying cot up.

Q.what is the easy-est part of high school and of middle school.

A. the part i think is easy-est is probably ssr witch stands for silent sustained reading. and in middle school PE or physical education.

Q. in your own words tell what you like , dislike ,and wish could be better.

A. i like that you can pike your classes and that you don’t have to pick all cerise ones like for next year i picked robotics and art for an extra credit. something i dislike is that i don’t get breaks after lunch. i wish it was a little easy-er
and middle school i like that i get breaks i dislike that i don’t pick what i learn and wish i could pick what i leaner.


SSR stands for silent sustained reading. this year i read Robinson Crusoe, Treasure Island, red badge of courage, and i am reading animal farm. at the beginning of the year i had a 8th grade reading level and now i am easily a 10th grade reading level. in my spare time i reed every day, another day, the infinity ring series and now i am reading invisibility. i use to hate reading but now i like reading but i till hate reading for school because i cant pick what i read. i read a lot of my books at night so i can read without binning interrupted or binning bugged by anyone else. there was one time i read from nine thirty pm to two forty five am. i would have reed longer but i was so tired that i gave up on trying to stay awake. after that i only stayed up tell midnight or so. some times i go to sleep around twelve thirty and some times i go to  sleep around eleven forty five.

dogs or cats

i want to know if you prefer dogs or cats. i say dogs are better than cats because they are loyal and don’t just want you to them food. cats are not awful but i don’t really like them. if cats were loyal and playful like dogs i might like them more but i don’t really like them. there is also a difference in the kind  of dog or cat you have. i have a beagle and two chihuahuas and they are all so different our beagle is a boy and he is always energetic and always crying and our chihuahuas are almost always calm and only bark when they see someone or something out side. i know what its like to have a cat to.  we have had a lot of cats and the one we have now was mean until he became an outside cat. now he is really nice and playful. i want to know what you prefer and i want to see how many people like dogs more then cats and how many people like cats more than dogs and even how like them the same amount. i will take dogs over cats and day or night


This year in school I took culinary art. in culinary I learned how to make a ma-rang and how to make a role. One recipe i did was i made a low carb pumpkin role in the  recipe i had to make a ma-rang and then fold in the dry ingredients and the other wet ingredients. i also learned how to stay safe in the kitchen and how to use a knife and good practices to keep you and others safe in the kitchen. the hardest recipe i cooked this year was the pumpkin roll. at first it was hard but the more i did it the easier it got. there were only two hard parts to it the ma-rang and rolling it up. the ma-rang was really hard at first because i did not know how to fold in the other ingredients properly. rolling it was hard because the bread does not hold together very well.the pumpkin roll was really good but there was a lot of thing i could have done to make it better but that is just because i have a lot to learn and a lot to practice. the only reason i know i could do better is because i have and i will.

reef or no reef

i am learning about coral reefs and what is safe and not safe for them. one thing that is safe for coral reefs is diving as long as you dive properly you will not do harm to the reef so that means don’t take any coral or fish. one thing that is not safe is fishing with big nets because that will case the reef to get damaged. here is a list of okay things swimming, pole fishing, diving, using a paddle boat, and sail boating. here is a list of not okay things oil, pollution, net fishing, motor boats, and cruse ships. with global heat rising the corals are being damaged so if we don’t do something the we will lose a meager food source and people all over the earth will die because they will lose all there food and wont be able to adjust to not having any fish. because some people only eat fish. so reefs did more then we thought they feed people and they make the world a better place because they add a beauty to the world that is limitless. when God made the reefs i’m sure he made them with all the colors and beauty for our lives to be better.

Friday the tenth

Tonight I and a bunch of my friends are going to Kroger to evangelize to people. For those that don’t know what that is i will explain. Basically we will be praying for people and telling them about Jesus and the crussafiction. The crussafiction was when Jesus the son of God died on a cross and took the gilt and sins upon him so we could have everlasting life. In the bible it says “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life” john the verse it says that whosoever believeth in him should have everlasting live, bye this they meant that if you spend time praying and getting to know God and if you have him in your heart then you will get in to heaven God shows us his love for us time after time. He protects us when we get sick and he forgives us even when we mess. that’s the best part he forgives you as long as you ask him to forgive you He will no matter how bad the sine is the only thing he asks for in return is that you love him with all your hear, your sole, your mind, and strength.