Challenger Space

Challenger Space is a learning center for space. One of the locations is in Dayton Ohio and is in a old middle school. They have two missions right now but they are working on another. The two they have are Mars and the Moon. The one i did was Mars and i started off on rocket as a Doctor and i did a lot of tests on myself and other kids. The data that i took was supposed to be sent to mission control so it could be evaluated. But be and my partner forgot to send the data. I wish i was on the NAV (navigation) team because they practically just sat there or the robot team because they got to use robot arms to assemble stuff.  Even being the commander would be better than MED the commander just sat there and made sure that everyone was getting there jobs done. But MED was not the worst job there was. Life support was way worst than MED. After that the groups changed places. My group went to mission control and we had to help the other group lunch the rocket off mars and then we studded Mars. (that is about it and i really hate doing blogs because i run out of thing to say around the two hundred mark and now i have no idea of what in going to say and i still have one hundred fifty five words left to go.) Challenger Space was fun sort of but its not something i would do again if i did not get to pick my job. If i would have able to pick my job i would have been commander,NAV, robot, or probe. On a scale from one to ten then i would rate this trip three and probably not much more than four max.. But that is my opinion and every one has there own opinion and there is is nothing i can do to change there opinion so they might have really liked it or really hated it.  But a good part of the trip was the drive i got to beat a game that is a loop so now that i beat it once i can beat  it a gain.



Ev3 is a lego robotics system that is supper easy to use. The set comes with the Intelligence brick, 2 large motors, 1 medium motor, charger, eyes, color censer,and pressure censer. Lego Ev3 is from the lego mind-storms series. The set also comes with the weirs. The programming is easy but its complex at the same time because you have to remember all the commands and how the programming works. it wont take long to figure out though. The system is about four hundred dollars for all the pieces and instructions for some of the robots. That’s about all for this paragraph.

The Ev3 system was made to help kids learn easy programming so they can get an idea of if they want to be an engineer when there older. Ev3 is a mix between lego and engineering. People all around the world have Ev3 and they make it clean and attack there dogs and cats. witch is stupid Ev3 is there to learn not attack your pet. Anyway Ev3 can anything you want it to be a snake, a cat, anything. but there is one thing you need to know when buying and Ev3, make sure that its Ev3 not Nxt they look vary similar.

For school Abbott and I have to make a robot that makes life easier. So we decided to make one feed Dodger (our beagle). Dodger is our biggest dog so feeding him happens often. So Abbott and I will be making a robot that will feed him twice a day. the only problem we have is our final design and how to refill our robot. But that will be easy to figure out when we have the robot we have a nice design but its not confirmed yet. We have a nice tidy easy idea that looks like its the one we are going to do.

OK so I have to make this blog four hundred words and i’m out of ideas so I will tell you that if you need more info go to the lego Ev3 mind-storms webpage. If your looking for ideas just get on YouTube and look up Ev3 ideas. some of them are really cool and hard but some are really cool and easy. its only a matter of how creative you are. the more creative the cooler stuff you can make. the less creative…. well that’s not important right now.


Fall is one of my favorite seasons because all the colors and the food and the smells and everything. my favorite part of fall is Thanksgiving and being able to spend time with family and eat food that only comes around once a year. there is a down side to fall that is the cold. but other than that fall is like gold to me.i like the scenery of the leaves changing color and the trees showing there true colors because the leaves aren’t actually green there every color but green. but that’s not important what is important is that fall is really fun and full of laughs and family. although there is not that much in fall other than Thanksgiving and Halloween, fall is really fun and enjoyable.

Fall 2017, this fall i am going to be busy but it will be the best fall ever. this fall my sister is coming home from California for a while  and i will be able to hang out with her. my band and i are having a couple of shows this fall and are having an album release. and working in the studio and recording. that is why i like fall. thanks for reading.

Me and the Bass

I have been playing bass for 3 years and at first, I needed Noah to show the codes to me as we played so I could keep timing. Over the last three years, I have gotten a lot better at keeping timing and all that. Now I am able to play songs like “seven nation army” and “play that funky music”. I originally learned to play bass for my brother’s band but that band just fell apart. Then he and I made a band with my other two brothers. that one did not last long either Abbott and Ephriam did not listen to Noah and then he kicked them from the band. now Noah and I are in a band with Chase Myers and we have been a band for six months. Noah is our pianist and ukulele player Chase is our drummer and guitarist and I am the bass player. Right now as a band we are getting ready for a couple of shows and we are trying to go on tour next summer. Our shows are November, third, twenty seventeen and November, twenty seven, twenty-seventeen. We plan to have more shows in the near future but those are them for now.

DMX lighting

DMX is a type of stage light system. Setting up the lights is easy all you have to do set the channel number to the light you want it on. Then set the lights up in the order you want and use your board to set the lights by sliding the knob to the right brightness and color you like. Now the harder stuff will be easy once you under stand. Strobe is the fx on the light that make the light flash on and off at the speed you set is. Chases are the programming part when you are programming the lights the setup you save is saved to the chase that you have selected then when you turn on the chase you bring up all the scenes that are saved to it. Music will make it so when you make a loud noise then the lights will go from one scene to the next witch can make the show a lot better because the drums will set the lights to the next scene and all you have to do is play. Auto makes the lights change on there own at the set time you sett it to. That is DMX.


we recently went to O.S.U. and took a tour of the horse shoe. first we went to the press boxes and looked out at the field. then we went down to the presidents suite  and look around. then we went down to the field and ran around which was the best part because i got to tackle Abbott and Ephraim and we did the hundred yard dash which i won. then we went to the recruit room and sat in the helmets that they made into chairs. then the second best part was when we went to the band room and we got to listen to some of the band members practice. over all i learned that there is a lot of stuff about O.S.U. a lot of people don’t know like how when the stadium was first made there were no restroom for the girls and now after the renovation there are seven hundred girls and men’s restroom. also all the man hole covers in the stadium said made in Michigan and so the coaches sand blasted them and now they say made in the U.S.A. and the flag poll is one hundred forty seven feet two inches and goes 16 feet into the ground.